What is Peer Coaching
Peer coaching is a proven professional development model that drives school improvement AND supports existing initiatives. It is an effective method to help teachers effectively integrate technology with standards-based instruction.

The Peer Coaching Program is designed to train teacher leaders to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. As coaches, these teachers will assist their peers in identifying ways to enhance standards-based instruction and to offer their students engaging, technology-rich, learning activities. In doing so, peer coaches will help their colleagues to develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies needed to integrate technology into teaching and learning. Developed by Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology, the Peer Coaching Program is now supported through Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Initiative.

This hands-on and online, research-based professional development training focuses on coaching skills, lesson improvement and technology integration, it provides a framework for building teachers to collaborate and coach other teachers. Participants will engage in activities where they will cooperatively rework a lesson so that it is more engaging and integrates technology. Key activities include: identifying what makes an effective learning activity, applying the lesson improvement process, and integrating effective technolgy resources in a collaborative work environment.


For more information contact mley@charter.net or Peer Ed (peer-ed.com) for case studies and articles.

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