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Building a global community where teachers work side-by-side to transform teaching and learning.
Wisconsin Peer Coaching Collaborative:
Improving Teaching and Technology Integration

WI DPI Receives Partnership for 21st Century Skills Professional Development Award


Goal of Wi Peer Coaching Collaborative:
Helping schools create systemic capacity to improve teaching and learning by providing ongoing professional development through local teacher leaders.

What is Peer Coaching?

Why Peer Coaching?

  • Proven methodology for training teachers to serve as peer coaches for colleagues.
  • Transformative power to alter practices and beliefs.

  • Peer coaches help colleagues integrate technology into their own classroom activities and improve lesson design with strategies like project based learning.
  • Cost effective way to deliver professional development and ongoing consistent support essential to improve teaching and student achievement.

  • Builds trust between coaches, teachers and local administrators.
  • Aligns with local district and state initiatives.
  • Currently there are trained teachers in 47 countries,11 U.S. States and over 25 WI school districts.
  • Supported by Microsoft Partners in Learning Network and EETT grant funds. Partners: Peer-Ed, WI DPI, Mary Lou Ley- State Coordinator, Intel, and Verizon's Thinkfinity.
For more information
Or, to schedule coaching training in your district or consortium contact:
WI State Coordinator:
Mary Lou Ley

H: 715-453-8736
C: 715-612-0254
Peer-Ed: peered.com
Partners in Learning Network:


Answer the Challenge (Panesonic) video
Learning to Change Changing to Learn - Educational experts share current status info video
Learning to Change Changing to Learn - Student Voices video

Creating collaborative connections between all Peer Coaching participants across EETT projects in Wisconsin.

Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)
Goals: 2010 -2011

The Peer Coaching program has 2 primary goals:
1) Professional development
Comprehensive training that will transform a group of teacher leaders into technology integration coaches who learn how to serve as peer coaches for their colleagues. Peer coaches will lead the integration of technology into teaching and learning by bringing new instructional strategies forward, and teaching technology skills.
2) Technology integration
The program also promotes a systematic integration of technology into classrooms. Enhanced Peer Coaching is designed to help teachers work together as they apply standards-based instruction supported by technology-rich learning activities. As coaches, these educators will help their peers identify ways that technology can strengthen classroom instructional practices and enhance their students' academic achievement.

Wiki Contents:

  1. Resources and organizational information for Wisconsin Peer Coaching Collaborative.
  2. Project work a for each school district team participating in the WI Peer Coaching Program.
  3. Communications and discussions between coaches.
  4. Collaborations between coaches and the teachers they are coaching.

The Peer Coaching Overview provides background and research for Peer Coaching.
This overview will prepare you for coaching and training activities.

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