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Lesson Improvement Plan
Content Area

World History 10
Medieval Europe
-Paul Ritschard
-Kirsten Novy
-Jeff Campell

HS History or English
-Erin Siedschlag
-Theresa Wellnitz

HS Social Studies
This is a cool project that I would like if I were in your class.
This definitely would keep the students attention and lead
them to authentic learning.

I was wonder about the Skyping. Were you planning on time
in class or on their own. Are you going to teach them how to
download and start using Skype. That would be another step
in the teaching process. - Paul Ritschard

Curiouser & Curiouser -- Alice
(Note this is one of the project's discussed
at the 8/11-8/12 Coaching workshop, did not
complete lesson improvement template)
HS Math Programming
Project (linked the first of 12
-Scott Anderson, Juda

21st Century Learning Project