Feel free to use this area to share ideas, ask questions, share successes and challenges. Start as many discussions on this page as fit your needs and wants. Add the discussions that you initiate in the list below.

1. First Coaching Meeting successes and challenges. Please post to this discussion after your first coaching meeting. Check out others post to help you prepare for your meetings.

2. Coaching Roadblocks This discussion is where you will post your coaching roadblock summary after the first online session and offer solutions to other peer's roadblock by replying to their post. You may want to refer to your notes in your Roadblock Document from Online Session 1 found on the documents page.
Coaching Roadblock Followup: Before the final session post an update on how your plans to address your Roadblock are working . Does the roadblock remain a challenge to your ability to provide a quality coaching experience and how have you adjusted. Provide insight to others on how you have delat with situations similar to their roadblock.

3. Coaching Lesson Improvement Write a description of your initial coaching work on lesson improvement. Consider writing about your experience recruiting and organizing time for meeting with your collaborating teacher and then share your coaching work on the lesson improvement process. Share a success and a question you would like feedback on