Bonduel Coaches Page

Team name: Bonduel Collaborative Coaches

Focus: Our team will be working on incorporating differentiated instruction into classrooms throughout the district. The coaches will help incorporate technology into differentiated instruction lessons.

Technology Tools: Teachers will be using teacher web-sites, BLOGS, Wikis, virtual fieldtrips, SMART Board activities to assist with differentiated instruction.

Team Members: Travis- Tech Ed, Chris - Program Support Teacher, Jill - Title 1, Sarah - Elementary Special Education

Learning Goals:
~To help staff feel comfortable with utilizing different forms of technology in their classrooms
~To increase student achievement

Team Goals:
~Support each other in use of technology in the classroom
~Support each other by brainstorming as a team

Coaching Plan:
Coaching Sessions will take place every month. This will involve the whole team and will include talking about ways to use technology in the classroom as well as how to support the teachers in the classrooms; while focusing on differentiated instruction. The meetings will also provide time to learn about the different technology available such as blogging, wikis, movie making, ECHO Pens, etc. to use. Coaching will also include peer observation and individual dialogue on a monthly basis.
Lesson Improvement Document
Peer Coaching Plan
Collaboration Log
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