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Final meeting May 4, 4-6PM, and end of year requirements:

There will be two activities we will complete on May 9.
1. Sharing your coaching work and posting a summary of lesson and enhancement to this page in the table below.
2. Develop an artifact to showcase your coaching experience.

End of Year Requirements:

1. Complete the post survey: Coaching Skill and Practice Survey. Indicate that you have completed the Survey in the table below.
2. Post your final lesson summary or template in the table below
3. Post your completed in the table below.
3. Post your final Collaboration Log in the table below.
4. Post your artifact.
5. Add the email address of the teacher you coached in the chart below
6. Complete your final reflection in the discussion forum (Discussion tab is located at the top of this page)

Team Members
Lesson summary or lesson template
From Session 7
Lesson Enhancement Comparison
Artifact on Coaching Experience
Final collaboration log
Survey Completed
Sarah Hischke
Elementary Special Education

Animoto Video

Completed 5-2-11
Jill Giesler
Title 1

Jill Giesler's Peer Coaching Video.mp4

Completed 5-2-11
Tech Ed

Completed 5-4-11
Program Support Teacher

Completed 5-2-11
Amy Bohr
Technology Coordinator/Teacher

Artifact for Amy, Brittney
and Michelle

Completed 5-2-11
Michelle Vraney
2nd Grade Teacher

See above

Completed 5-3-11
Brittney Pronschinske
5th Grade Teacher

See above

Completed 5-2-11
Nicole Goff
High School Science

See below

Completed 5/4/11
Ann Hawley
High School Math & Computer Science

Ann Hawley Lesson+Enhancement+Comparison

Completed 5/3/11

Coaching Artifacts:

Coaching Teams

Collaborating Teacher
Email address
Sarah Hischke Elementary Special Education
Lindsay Golbach
High School Special Education
Jill Giesler
Title 1
Traci Steinbach
4th Grade
Travis Tech Ed
Danielle Schuh
HS English
Chris Program Support Teacher
Heidi Sigler
7th grade Team/
Amy Bohr Technology Coordinator/Teacher
Abby Behnke
4th Grade Wisconsin History
Michelle Vraney 2nd Grade Teacher
Katie Hietpas
3rd Grade Science/Math
Brittney Pronschinske 5th Grade Teacher
Betsy Gauthier
5th Grade Science
Nicole GoffHigh School Science
Megan Boldig
HS Science
Ann Hawley High School Math & Computer Science
Cheryl Muscha
Multimedia/Business education

Coaching Teams

1. Hopes and Challenges
2.First Coaching Meeting successes and challenges. Please post to this discussion after your first coaching meeting. Check out others post to help you prepare for your meetings
3. Coaching Roadblocks discussion forum. Post your summary of your coaching roadblock as a reply to this post. Read and offer ideas and solutions to others roadblocks by replying to individual summaries. Use the Coaching Roadblock handout to guide you.
Lesson Improvement from Session 4: Make sure you rename the to include your name before posting:
Post your group's improved lesson below by uploading using the file button on the edit menu. With your partner, prepare a short written summary statement that describes your improved lesson. Include the following:
  • What you consider to be the greatest strengths of your lesson.
  • Places where you could use some help making continued improvements.

uploaded lesson and title and summary of improvements
Peer Feedback
Jill and Sarah
Endangered Animals

Nicole & Ann

Sarah's Feedback Jill's Feedback
Brittney, Amy, and Michelle

Travis and Chris

Between online Session 1 and 2:

1.Send collaboration logs (found on documents page) to Mary Lou ley or post them on your team page.
2. Review and offer feedback to a lesson above:
  1. Select one of the other teams' improved lessons above read their summary statements, improved lesson, and student learning plans
  2. For each team, start with the summary statement. Then review the task, scenario, essential question, student plan, and as much of the rest of the lesson as you can.
  3. Leave a written comment that includes at least one specific Wow (appreciation) and one Wonder (probing question). Your goal is to reflect deeply on the qualities of the Learning Activity Checklist.
  4. After reviewing each team's work, return to your own work and review the feedback you received.

3. Complete the coaching cycle with your collaborating teacher where you have worked through the improvement cycle using the learning activity checklist and improvement questions (documents page)
A. Post an improved lesson that you collaborated on with another teacher on your Team's page. If you used the lesson template post that if you did not provide a summary of your lesson improvement and the reflection of that lesson
B. You will use the lesson in a protocol during Session 2 to identify ways to replicate your success.

Calendar Dates:

February 23, 2011 ERVING Classrooms at your school (Host Facility WBHS)

4:00-6:00. (Complete planning meeting and collaboration logs)

March 24, 2011 ERVING Classrooms at your school (Host school WBHS)

4:00-6:00. (Complete lesson improvement sessions)

  • May 4, 2011 FACE TO FACE (2 hours) 4-6 PM Wittenberg

Grant Expectations Peer Coaching - BMW EETT grant has the overiding expectation that each coach going throught the Peer Coaching Training will engage in the opportunity to learn to develop coaching skills and work with others to explore the benifits and challenges of using coaching as a means to improve teaching and learning through high quality instruction that uses technology. The collective successes and challenges of all coaches will guide our project and will allow everyone to benifit from our collective experiences.
Grant Requirements:
  • Grant participants need to send a copy of their cumulative Coaching Log to Mary Lou Ley by Feb. 28, 2011 and again by May 1, 2011. Complete baseline and post Skilll and Practice survey.
  • Post your Lesson Improvement Plans to the Completed Lesson Improvement Page and provide specific feedback to other particpants lessons. Use this feedback to improve your lesson. You will showcase it during online Session 1.
  • After your first coaching session post your first coaching meeting reflection in the discussion forum on the Discussion forum on the BMW page. Read about others experiences and share you thoughts with them.
  • Begin new discussions around your coaching and teaching experiences this year using the Discusion Forum.
  • Contribute great resources on Your Team Page or the Resources for Coaches page.
  • Update your team page to showcase your School's coaching program.
  • If you are willing - capture a brief video of a segment of your coaching session and submit to Mary Lou Ley to enter into the PEER ED video coaching prize.
  • Document lesson improvement process using Peer Coaching by analyzing the effectiveness and improvement of two lessons using Learning Activity Checklist and the Assess Lesson Design Template. Submit lesson comparison document to BMW page.
  • Complete Coaching Chronicles from final session and post to team page.
  • The following should be included in your team page:
    1. Brochure or ad or ? that you are using to share information about peer coaching with your school.
    2. Your Coaching Plan
    3. Examples of "Before and After" lesson
    4. Coaching Chronicle
    5. Anything else you care to share or post
  • Complete the

Syllabus for Grad Credit Peer Coaching Syllabus.doc