Year two of Peer Coaching will be a journey of self improvement of our coaching skills, technology integration practices and lesson improvement strategies. You will refl ect on your coaching and collaboration skills with your peers. You will help us define the characteristics of an effective coaching program and develop some strategies, tools, and resources to help our 1st year coaches.

Session 2

Wall Street Book review Article on Education Reform
When Nice Won't Suffice -.Learning Forward

Session 1

Research and Current Articles on Coaching

ISTE White Paper on Coaching

Coaching Whitepaper_digital.pdf

Technology Tools and Resources

Top Technology Tools for Your Classrooms 2011
Identify your top ten technology tools for your classroom this year.

‍Rank your favorite tech tools

Spend some time exploring the Resources for Coaches page (menu on left)

How can technology make the following tasks easer or better?
Gathering information

Organizing Information



Co-Creating/ Expression

Differentiating Instruction

Effective Lesson Design

Tools to focus your conversations on improving lessons to impact student performance:

Learning Activity Checklist external image msword.png Learning_Activity_Checklist.doc
Coaching Skills Cue Card external image msword.png Coaching_Skills_Cue_Card.doc

external image msword.png Five Lesson Improvement Questions.doc

Lesson Improvement Template to guide your conversation around key lesson components: external image msword.png Lesson Improvement Template.doc,
Assessing lesson Design Template external image msword.png Assess Lesson DesignTemplate blank.doc,
external image msword.png Lesson_Improvement_Process_Rubric.doc

Lesson Enhancement Comparison Doc.external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Lesson+Enhancement+Comparison.docx

Collaboration Logs:

WI Peer Coaching Collaboration Log inexternal image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet.png Your Name Log+and+Planning+Worksheet.xlsx Excel:

Word Clean Copy: Please change the name to: your name collaboration log when you save the document: external image msword.png Word_Clean_Collaboration_Log.doc

Coaching Collaboration and Communication Skills

To Do List:

Coach Coach Coach Select a Collaboration log or worksheet to log your coaching activities and time.
Talk Talk Talk to other teachers and principals about your coaching experiences.
Post your Goals and time management plan to the discussion forum on this page.
After Nov. 21 post to the second discusssion forum Coaching focused or light.
Post your current collaboration log to wiki prior to Jan meeting.

0Collaboration Log (Please make sure you rename the log with your name in title)