Superior Peer Coaching 2011-12

March 13, 2012
When: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 8:30 AM-11:00 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Admin Building Board Room

Today you will be working in your coaching teams. At some point please connect with Mary Lou via the Go To Meeting process below. Please post or email a copy of your current collaboration log (whatever format you are using) see below. At some time today before you leave please take a few minutes and write a few notes in an email to about what you think are the key characteristics, attributes, or tools that make coaching a successful method of professional development. Thank you, in advance for doing this. I need your input for a conference presentation. I will share your collective honest reflections with you.

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Here is a really unique opportunity for some you to participate in a great celebration of teachers work, and a powerful PD experience.
I Know people who have participated in each of these, and they are fun and teachers who participate love them.

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!! Current Collaboration Logs

Please post or email to by the end of today a copy of your current Collaboration Log. You may be using one of our formats ( Planning Guides, Collaboration Log excel or word, lesson Comparison Chart) or one that you have created or adopted. Share with me whatever you are using to keep track of the work you and your collaborating teacher are doing. I need the data for grant summary I am working on this week. Thanks!

Post your log here:
Tracy Danovsky and Trevor Sorenson

Jan 11. 1012
Collaborating Teacher Survey.

Peer Coach Survey -Midpoint

Coaches Collaborative Skills Rubric

Oct 11
6:00 partner
  • Use the template to take notes on the activities you review.
  • Review the first sample lesson, What Are They Really Selling?
Look for strengths and weaknesses in the four areas represented on the Learning Activity Checklist. Provide suggestions on how to improve areas you believe could be strengthened.

In this activity we are going to experience a typical coaching scenario and learn how we might help a colleague think about improvement of lesson design.

  1. Review the external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Whats_for_Lunch[1].docx lesson.
  2. Move into A/B teams with your next clock partner.
  3. A plays the role of a collaborating teacher seeking feedback about how to improve the What's for Lunch? lesson.
  4. B plays the role of the coach, using the Learning Activity Checklist, the ideas from Using Conflict as a Resource, and the communication skills to coach the teacher to improve the lesson.
  5. After 10 minutes, switch roles and repeat the activity.

Examine how the What's for Lunch? lesson was improved.
  1. Review the external image msword.png Whats_for_Lunch_Revised.docdesign.
  2. Explore the external image msword.png Food_Tracker_Form.doc--how does it help to improve the lesson?

Part B: Reviewing Five Lesson Improvement Questions
To improve the What's for Lunch? lesson, the teacher thought about five questions:
  1. What is an authentic, engaging problem that students might address in this lesson?
  2. What are the academic and 21st Century Skills standards that students will work on?
  3. What are the student steps and teacher directions needed to work through the problem posed by the lesson?
  4. What are some ways that technology can enhance teaching and learning throughout the lesson?
  5. How will student success be measured against the selected standards?
Now you will have the chance to think about how these questions might have been used to improve the What's for Lunch? lesson.

Part C: Explaining How the Five Lesson Improvement Questions Were Addressed
  1. Open the What's for Lunch? - Lesson Revision Analysis template in Microsoft Word.
  2. Working in a small group, compare the original and revised What's for Lunch? lessons. Try to determine how the five lesson improvement questions were addressed in the revised lesson.
  3. As a small group, report your findings to the whole group.

Lesson Improvement Process

Lesson Improvement Template

Sample lessons:
e-pals grade 5

Reflection: wall wisher

Top Tech Tools for 2011

Identify your top ten technology tools for your classroom this year.

Rank your favorite tech tools

ISTE White Paper on Coaching

Coaching Whitepaper_digital.pdf

Coaches Please complete the Skills and Practice Survey for coaches
You can prepare for your brochure by reading external image msword.png Peer_Coaching_Overview.doc

Template for A brochure using Microsoft Word or Publisher. Sample_Coaching_Brochure_Word.doc
To upload a file:
  1. Make sure you are logged into the wiki.
  2. At the top right corner of the page their is a sign in button.
  3. When you are logged in you will select Edit tab.
  4. Place your cursor where you want to upload your document to and click on file on menu bar
  5. Select + upload button on the right side
  6. Find the file on your computer and select it
  7. When file is uploaded to uploader it will appear at the top of the list
  8. Click on your file name and you should then see it on the page.
  9. Click save and you are done!
Post your brochure here:
1 Melanie Swanson

Before we meet on October 11:

  • Meet with your collaborating teacher at least twice
  • Keep records of your meeting on a Collaboration Log (see below)
  • Post a reflection on your first coaching sessions in the discussion forum #1 on this page
  • Communicate with your principal about your coaching work
  • Post your time management plan When, where, how often, how long, in the discussion board forum 2 after October 5
  • Credit option

Collaboration log and meeting guides in excell: Remember to change the title of this document to Your name and save it.
Word Clean Collaboration Log