One of my favorite composite resource sites uses LiveBinders to create the Binder Evidence of Learning 2.0 with a wealth of tools and ideas for students to share what they know and can do. Created by Mike Fischer: Another example that focuses on web tools by type is:

Live Binders is a great tool to put all your resources in one place for easy web access. livebinders.gif

Livebinder- Top Tech Tools for Back to School 2011Feel Free to add and edit this binder

Web 2.0 Tools We LOVE!

  • Teaching History with Technology- Amazing site for not only History Teachers - Paul Ritschard
  • Google Docs - This is a video that I used for a teacher inservice that I did on Google Docs. I thought it was extremely helpful - Paul Ritschard
One of the school districts in our consortium is starting a 1-1 iPad initiative. To assist them in gathering resources and information on iPads in the Classroom I have started an iPads in the Classroom page. Please add your resources and aps here as well.
ipad in the classroom20 livebinder:
Kathy Scrock, who has organize info on everything has also developed an extensive set of resources for the ipad:

Tech Coaches!

Did you know that you can get free educational videos at These videos are actual discs that, when used on a computer, come with teacher tools such as activities and suggested lesson plans. One video/teacher/year free.

Some coaches have set up a Google Doc (Spreadsheet)for their school with the teacher name, video ordered, and department. I asked teachers to each order one, fill out the google Doc to make sure that they were not duplicating another's order, and then we will have a (hopefully) complete set in our LMC...
Instapaper for articles you want to read later offline

Blogs RSS sources:Castle list of ed blogs by discipline: moving forward

Just released, YouTube will have an educational site: [[@mhtml:{747396BB-FA2A-43D7-8006-E582FFC3B0FC}mid://00001016/!x-usc:|]90 Tools in 90 MInutes:
Project Based Learning Resources:
87 projects.
10 further resources.
52 applications.
94 contributors.
The benefits of using Web 2.0 applications.
The challenges of using Web 2.0 applications.
How the folk who ran these projects handled the issues...... And what they recommend you do if you run them.
What were the learning outcomes?
Wikispaces Projects: A Better Way to Work in Classroom Groups Whenever you have a particular assignment or activity, you can create a project for it, then define teams of members, each with its own unique pages, files, and permissions. Team content (that is, pages and files) are grouped together, separate from the main area of the wiki. That way, students in teams can do their group work completely independently from other teams.

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This is a Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid of Web 2.0 tools matched to the levels of Bloom:

My favorites on
Schoology - A Facebook like environment for students to work on projects:

Free Educational Videos by categories: Watch Know Learn

Mike and Roberta's Tic-Tac-Toe Technology project--lots of resources--prepared with a 6th Grade Science Fiction Unit in mind, but would work with any class or topic.

Starting Points Peer Coaching Hooks

Windows Live

Web 2.0 Tools We LOVE!

  • Teaching History with Technology- Amazing site for not only History Teachers - Paul Ritschard
  • Google Docs - This is a video that I used for a teacher inservice that I did on Google Docs. I thought it was extremely helpful - Paul Ritschard

"We are the people we’ve been waiting for" video from Andrew Churches from New Zealand showcasing the significance and importance that we do need to NOW address the immediate diverse learning styles and needs of our students as an utmost priority to support a robust 21st century skills education.
Bloom's Taxonomy:

Peer Ed Peer Coaching Starting Points:
Starting Points
Discovery SchoolThis site has a library of creative curriculum resources, including Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, a puzzle maker, worksheet generator, and lesson plans. Sponsored by the Discovery Channel, it also provides information on television resources.
abcTeach provides helpful educational ideas to teachers, kids, and parents. Forms and letters can be printed directly from the screen and teachers have permission to reproduce these pages for classroom use.
Education WorldEducation World's goal is to make it easy for educators to integrate the Internet into the classroom. They provide a search engine for educational Web sites, lesson plans, site reviews, and online forums to discuss important issues in education.
TeacherVision is created by teachers for teachers. It provides free high-quality materials to help teachers with planning and preparing teacher materials. You must be a member or use a free-trial membership to access some parts of the site.
RubiStarThis 4Teachers site features a flexible tool that generates ready-made rubrics for numerous performance competencies (oral presentations, products, multimedia use, etc.) and subjects. Teachers choose rating scales and assessment criteria, and may add, delete, or change any text.
FunBrain has a host of educational games and quizzes for children of all ages. Use the teacher resource pages to find games appropriate for your students age level.
The Daily Dose
Provided by the Memphis City Schools, this site provides resources to start each day using an Internet resource. You will find "question of the day" sources, daily math problems, and more.
TeachersFirst is a division of Network for Instructional TV, Inc., a not-for-profit learning technologies corporation.
ENCLocated at Ohio State University, ENC provides the most comprehensive collection of mathematics and science resources on the Internet. The resources include lesson plans and professional development resources for teachers. Information is now subscription only, except for searches for curriculum materials and kits.
ProfilerPRO: Personal Growth SurveysProfilerPRO provides comprehensive surveys that help educators measure the impact of technology integration. The service is free but requires registration.
ETSC PilotA professional development resource to help educators identify their strengths and weaknesses in educational technology and chart a course for improvement.
Students’ ClassroomA user-friendly site that lets you search the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) database by school. Offers tools for students to make graphs, play games, and take quizzes, and provides a place to post or read technology or arts reviews.
Kids Around the WorldKids Around the World uses the Internet to introduce elementary school-age children in the United States to the lives of children of the same age in developing countries around the world. In a time of globalization and increased interdependency between nations, this site fosters curiosity, creates awareness, and encourages sensitivity and understanding about other cultures.