Project Updates:

August 15 & 16 New Coaches training in Superior WI
June 14 & 15 New coaches training in Florence, WI
March -We're Going to WEMTA! For those of you who are attending the WEMTA conference remember we have a panel presentation on Tuesday at 9:00. Hopefully, several coaches and their administrators can be there to answer any questions presented or to offer insight into the experiences of coaching this year. I will facilitate the presentation and look forward to our opportunity to share our stories.

ISSAC Coaching Final Coaching Workshop

March 7,2011 - Brodhead MS 8:30 - 3:30

We will be sharing your examples of the cycle of coaching and lesson improvement. Please bring an example of a lesson you and your cooperating teacher worked on. We will also be documenting some of our coaching successes and challenges and create an artifact to share our stories with others. You will develop an artifact for the Coaching: Inteligent Chatter page featuring examples of collaboration, success stories, tips, videos, photos, and resources from your coaching experiences. Post artifact to the Coaching: Inteligent Chatter wiki page.
Remember- if you send me a coaching video, you could win a prize! In the PM we will start the Project Based Learning Course.

ARRRA grant 21CLP Online Session 2

Wed. Jan 12

ISSAC Online session 2

Thursday dec2, 2010 12:30

The focus of this session will be on sharing your experiences of coaching the lesson improvement process. You should have completed a lesson improvement process and be prepared to share and receive feedback on your work. We will use a protocol to guide our discussions. We will discuss the coaching roadblocks from session 1 and update our current concerns.

Online Session 2

September/October 2010 - Baseline Coaching Surveys:

Please complete the Coaching Skill and Practice Survey by September 29, 2010

21st Century Learning Project/ SITA Coaching Skills and Practice Survey

ISSAC Coaching Skill and Practice Survey

Superior EETT Coaching Skills and Practice Survey

´╗┐Collaboration Logs:

Please post a copy of your current to your team page by Feb. 28, 2011 for Mid Point Evaluation Data Report

Please make sure your team page is current with information regarding your coaching program (brochure or powerpoint,
Coaching Plans, Before and After Lesson Examples, Stories to share, Etc).