ISSAC Coaches 2011

You will post your reflections in the discussion forum on this page.
  1. Hopes and Challenges
  2. First Coaching Meetings
  3. Time Meeting Plans
  4. 3-2-1 Reflecting on my coaching

Coaches from ISSAC Districts Please give us your name and user name for the wiki.
Jen Dammen
Megan Allen
Amy Kenyon
Crystal Williams

Kim Ciochon
Annette Smith
Meridith Falkavage
Jamie McSherry

Teresa Pickarts

Colette Veldhorst

Rob Lucas

Post your notes from the "how can Technology make gathering ,organizing Collaborating Communicating and Differentiating Instruction easier or better here: googlle doc

Meridith & Amy's Notes:

Notes from Rob Lucas:

Ways to integrate technology.
Gathering resources: by topic- databases, filters for you, filters quality articles/sites so you now everything is academic, can place many resources in one spot, easier to model appropriate research technique.
Organizing resources: digital copies so can't lose/have partner forget at home, easier to keep many resources in one place, digital graphic organizers, save clips on YouTube and keepvid, sharing and collaboration between staff and students.
Collaboration tools: easy to share(group work becomes easier), students can work together at the same time on a document, extra feedback, calendar with students and parents, students can build on knowledge from previous year(keep evidence of student learning), show examples of old work,
Communication tools(creation tools): notes easier to get out, emodo, skyward, calendar to get to students, made presentations more interesting, prezi better than PowerPoint, google docs lets students collaborate,, get kids where they are,
Differentiation: typing rather than writing, razkids, books on tape, phonics with ELL students, talking Tom, fluency tools, emailing notes to students, talk and share(?)

Prior to our Meeting on Nov

Meet with your principal and share the work you will be doing and finalize your coaching plan and who you will be coaching and when.
Meet with collaborating teacher, Select and begin logging coaching sessions in collaboration logo excel Collaboration and Planning Worksheet
(located in documents page of wiki)
Reflect on Coaching first meetings in discussion forum and respond to others.
Bring a lesson you or your collaborating teacher will be implementing during the month of Dec. We will use this for lesson revision activity.

I found some lists of classroom resources for Ipads in classrooms. There is a link off the resources page also.
iPads in the Classroom

Coaching To Do's

  1. Complete the reflections in the Discussion forums.
  2. Continue to coach with your collaborating teacher and maintain your collaboration log using the word doc file or the excel file. Post your collaboration log by the end of Jan and the end of May in the table at the top of the page in your names cell. Remember: Change the name of the file to include your name
  3. Share the work you are doing with your principal. If you encounter scheduling or resource problems talk to your principal.
  4. Use the coaching tools below to focus your work on lesson improvement. At least once or twice try to complete the entire coaching cycle with your collaborating teacher including: assessing current work, goals, designing lesson improvements, resources, implementing the lesson and following up to debrief and compare how the improvements impacted student learning. Before the end of the year we will meet online or face to face to share one of these complete coaching experiences and get feedback on our coaching from your ISSAC peers.
  5. Continue to add resources and ideas to our resources pages or this page.
  6. Good luck, you will be doing great things for kids- yours and your collaborating teachers!

Coaching Tools:

Learning Activity Checklist external image msword.png Learning_Activity_Checklist.doc

external image msword.png Five Lesson Improvement Questions.doc

Lesson Improvement Template to guide your conversation around key lesson components: external image msword.png Lesson Improvement Template.doc,
Assessing lesson Design Template external image msword.png Assess Lesson DesignTemplate blank.doc, external image msword.png Lesson_Improvement_Process_Rubric.doc

Lesson Enhancement Comparison Doc.external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Lesson+Enhancement+Comparison.docx

WI Peer Coaching Collaboration Log inexternal image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet.png Your Name Log+and+Planning+Worksheet.xlsx Excel: