Peer Coaching EETT project Objectives:

Participants will:
1) Develop coaching and collaboration skills
2) Increase understanding of best practices in technology integration and lesson design
3) Develop knowledge, tools, and support strategies needed to enhance student learning with technology
4) Develop skill in lesson enhancement strategies and coaching techniques to assist others.
5) Collect curriculum materials and web resources using social bookmarking tools and share these with other participants on Peer Coaching project wiki
6) Develop collaborative coaching skills participating in online discussions and collaborating on team wiki to support their team’s own coaching program.
7) Learn how to encouraging reflection and analysis of teaching practice.
8) Complete coaching plans and timeline of coaching activities throughout the year (posted to coach's wiki page).
9) Teachers will receive credit or stipend for their involvement in the Peer Coaching Program and Technology Integration tools to use in their classrooms.
10) Teachers will become peer coaches to assist their districts in leading 21st century skills implementation, and assisting district staff by coaching one or two teachers with infusing technology into their k-12 curricular areas during the school year (minimum of four coaching sessions during the year).
11) Coaches will attend 2 days face to face training and participate in collaborative follow-up sessions online throughout the school year.
12) Coaches may participate in the 1 Credit Intel Project Based Learning Course.

Assignments and Requirements:
The requirements will be commensurate with course requirements of a traditional two or three credit graduate level course.
1. Fully attend all sessions (ISSAC Consortium -3 days face to face –Day 1 ,May 12, and Days 2 &3 August 12 & 13. and sessions 6,7,8 online)
  1. Complete baseline and post NETS Proficiency assessments and peer coaching surveys
  2. Develop a Coaching Plan and post to WI Peer Coaching wiki Session 2.
  3. Review of best practices and web resources create social bookmark list on and post link to participant list on wiki
  4. Document lesson improvement process using Peer Coaching by analyzing the effectiveness of two lessons using Learning Activity Checklist and //Assess Lesson Design Template//.
  5. Improve a lesson using 6 steps to the lesson improvement process and Publish the lesson to the wiki to make the lesson accessible to teachers,
  6. Demonstrate effective coaching skills to promote professional collaboration for improvement of instruction and analyze coaching improvement process using Lesson Improvement Process Rubric.
  7. Present improved lesson project to peers and justify how the lesson you improved incorporates the attributes of the Learning Activity Checklist and reflects the lesson improvement process using collaborative online forum.
  8. Identify resources that match the curriculum focus of staff you are coaching and post the resources to wiki page or your online Coaching Portfolio at the Microsoft Interactive Teaching Network.
  9. Meet with staff you are coaching at least 4 times and complete the collaboration logs and post plans or timeline on wiki
  10. Complete Wows and Wonders reflection activity identifying what issues or problems you are encountering in your schools that are roadblocks to coaching? Comment on solutions that have worked in discussion forum.
  11. Coaching in Practice: What's Working? Use protocol to measure the success of collaboration in your coaching program and share on wiki.
  12. Write a Coaching Chronicles article featuring examples of collaboration, success stories, tips, and resources from your coaching experiences. Post article to wiki page.
  13. Complete course evaluation and grant evaluation.