CESA 7 & Coaching Survey

Welcome CESA 7 Peer Coaches:

Meeting Dates:
Oct 21, 4:30- 7:30
Nov TBD -

Jan 13, 4:30- 7:00 Note: We will not be staying until 7:00. We should be finished by 6:30 at the latest!

Dates for Online Session:Sign up for one of the sessions below. (Please provide your name and email) Log in information will be posted for each session:
Nov 21: 4:30 -5:45
Nov 29, 6-7:15 PM
1. Please join our class meeting, Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (510) 443-0602
Access Code: 549-823-128
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 549-823-128
If you have any difficulties connecting call me at 715 612 0254.
As we wait for people to arrive:
1.Share your time management plan in the discussion board
2. Read the article coaching Heavy or Light As you read this article identify ideas you agree with, ideas you argue with and Ideas you Aspire to apply. You will be posting these reflections in the discussion board between now and our next session in Jan.

Part A: Coaching Successes
Activity 1: Showcasing Your Coaching Work

‍You will have 5 minutes to showcase a lesson you and your cooperating teacher have been working on with the rest of the group. As you talk about your work, remember to share these four things:

  • The main focus of your coaching what area of lesson improvement did you target? (checklist, 5 improvement questions, Planning worksheets)

  • What you consider to be the greatest strengths of the lesson improvement.

  • Places where you could use some help making continued improvements.

  • As coaches, the learning you have gained through this collaborative lesson improvement process.

Part B: Analyze A Coaching Roadblock
1. Identify some common roadblocks that are within your control. Possible topics might include time, support, or resources.

2. Use the external image msword.png Coaching_Roadblock.doc template to identify a coaching roadblock you face. Analyze your roadblock.
2. Post a summary of your roadblock analysis to the Discussion Board Area on the Coaches Corner wiki page. Include a request for ideas to solve the roadblock.
3. Read and respond to at least two posts in the Coaching Roadblocks forum. Choose a roadblock thread and offer some thoughtful information, approach, experience, or response to a peer’s post. You should identify the roadblock or the persons name in the beginning of your post.

Part C: Assignments and Preparation for Jan 13 class meeting.
1.Post a reflection to the Coaching Heavy Coaching Light article in the discussion forum. Respond to ideas that you agreed with in the article, ideas you argue with and Ideas you Aspire to apply.

2.Post your current collaboration log in the chart below or email to mley@charter.net by Dec 7,2011.

Nov 21 4:30-5:45
Nov.Tuesday Nov 29,6:00- 7:15
Collaboration Logs
Mary Lou Ley mley@charter.net
Mary Lou Ley mley@charter.net

Stacie Cihlar scihlar@mishicot.k12.wi.us
Ashley Anthon aezehren@aol.com

Becky Krahn rkrahn@gracesystem.org
Beth Ellingen hinkgen@earthlink.net

Mary Zeller mzeller@gracesysyem.org
Corey Hansen corey_hansen@ashwaubenon.k12.wi.us

Deb Herzog debherzog@ashwaubenon.k12.wi.us

Brenda May bmay@wdpsd.com

Andrea Dernbach adernbach@wdpsd.com

Amy Bogenschuetz amybphs@gmail.com

Dena Budrecki denabud@gmail.com

Michelle Erickson merickso@oneidanation.org

Sandy Bader sbader@depere.k12.wi.us

Ryan Long rdlong@gbaps.org

Jessica Miller millerj@chilton.k12.wi.us

Stacie Cihlar scihlar@mishicot.k12.wi.us

DRAFT - Elementary Tech Standards

Becky Krahn rkrahn@gracesystem.org

Mary Zeller mzeller@gracesysyem.org

Becki Krueger technopaws@gmail.com

3. January 13, 4:30 - 7:00

Preparing for our final session:Continue to meet with your collaborating teacher working on lesson improvement and technology integration. You should follow your teacher through the complete coaching cycle which includes reflecting on how the lesson went and assessing any changes needed.
Final Session:
Prepare and post on the wiki (below)an example of an improved lesson that was the result of a successful coaching collaboration with your collaborating teacher. You may use the Lesson Improvement Template external image msword.png Lesson Improvement Template.docto highlight specific elements that improved as a result of the collaboration. Post the lesson, the improvement analysis and the description of your collaboration (see Coaching Collaboration Activity below) to the wiki. These will be used in a protocol based discusssion during our final coaching session.
Coaching Collaboration Activity
Each Coach will write a short description of a successful coaching collaboration that resulted in the improved lesson coaches will bring to final session. Use the Lesson Improvement Process Rubricexternal image msword.png Lesson_Improvement_Process_Rubric.doc handout and the Learning Activity Checklist// external image msword.png Learning_Activity_Checklist.doc to help identify the attributes of success. Include:
§ A description of the collaborative experience and resulting student work.
§ The process used to collaborate and how it reflects the Lesson Improvement Process Rubric.
§ How the collaboration contributed to the effectiveness of the improved activity.
We will be meeting face to face to share artifacts of our coaching experiences.
Lesson Improvement Template and decription of the coaching.
Becki Krueger

Michelle Erickson

Andrea Dernbach

Brenda May

Deb Herzog

Beth Ellingen

Beth Ellingen

Corey Hansen

Ryan Long

Amy B and Dena B

Sandy Bader

Sept 24
Complete Hopes and Challenges Reflection in Discussion Forum
Post Brochure on wiki page
Prior to Oct 21
Meet with your principal and share the work you will be doing.
Meet with collaborating teacher, Select and begin logging coaching sessions in collaboration log
(located in documents page of wiki)
Reflect on Coaching first meetings in discussion forum and respond to others.
Bring a lesson you or your collaborating teacher will be implementing during the month of Nov.We will use this for lesson revision activity.
Prior to Nov meeting
Sign up for an online session for Nov. (above)
Meet with your principal and share your coaching work
Continue coaching work
Maintain Collaboration Log
Reflection: Time Management Plan in discussion forum
By Dec 15
Posting or your grades for Viterbo. You must have completed the discussions in the discussion forum and posted your collaboration log to the wiki or emailed it to mley@charter.net . You should have completed the lesson comparison that you will share at Jan 13 class.and posted it to wiki.
Prior to Jan 13
Complete a full cycle of coaching with your collaborating teacher
Meet with your principal and share your coaching work
Post lesson summary Lesson Template
Lesson Comparison posted to wiki
Prior to Jan 27
Post collaboration log on wiki or email to mley@charter.net
Post coaching artifact to wiki
Complete post survey
Oct. 21

1. Use the external image msword.png Coaching_Roadblock.doc template to identify a coaching roadblock you face. You may work with a partner if you chose who shares a similar roadblock. Analyze your roadblock.
2. Post a summary of your roadblock analysis to the Discussion Board Area on this wiki page. Include a request for ideas to solve the roadblock.
3. Read and respond to at least two posts in the Coaching Roadblocks forum. Choose a roadblock thread and offer some thoughtful information, approach, experience, or response to a peer’s post.
4. Learn as much as possible about effective use of the Discussion Board.
Part D: Identify Possible Solutions
1. Post a summary of your efforts to the Discussion Board as part of your Ongoing Collaboration Assignment.
Day 2 Good Morning!!
Please read the Coaching Overview handout in your binder.

Intel Visual Ranking Tool
Coaching Communication - Your communication should include info about coaching, what you might provide, benifits, way you will work coaching etc.
Post your brochure/ flier/ communication here
Sandy Bader

Amy Bogenschuetz & Dena Budrecki
Michelle Erickson

Deb Herzog

Jackie Crown

Andrea Dernbach. Brenda May

Kathy Held

Ryan Long

Mary Zeller and Becky Krahn

Beth Ellingen

Jackie Crown--log

Stacie Cihlar Brochure

Becki Krueger Brochure

Corey Hansen Brochure

Post your lesson assessment chart here- rename it with your name!

Elementary school example
  1. Read to learn about activities the teachers at the students at Sunset Elementary School and Makassed Khalil Shehab School developed to help their students gain literacy skills, learn about culture and geography and develop other key skills.
  2. Explore the “Holidays We Celebrate” section of in Lebanon and the U.S.
(Digital Stories: A Celebration of Learning and Culture used with the permission of the authors, Cheryl Arnett and Rawya Shatila)
Secondary school example
  1. Go to the project and read how students at Columbus East High School are learning about the Industrial Revolution.
  2. Read the to get a sense of what one student learned about the Industrial Resolution.
(Industrial Revolution Tic Tac Toe used with the permission of the authors, Autumne Streeval and Harriet Armstrong)

This will be our gathering space to share our work and coaching experiences.
Personal Coaching Pages:
Please complete the Peer Coaching Skill and Practice survey.

Reading the will provide yopu with information about the coaching process.
You may want to read the newly released

What are the biggest obstacles to effective professional development? post your thoughts on wallwisher

Coaching Roles:

  1. Working with a partner: Open the
external image msword.png Examples_of_Coaching.doc to identify:
  • Roles the coach adopted.
  • Stages of the Coaching Cycle used in the example.
  • Ways that coaching impacted student learning.

Meet and Greet:

  1. Please introduce yourself to two participants whom you do not know.
Spend a few minutes with each person.Tell each person you meet:
  • Where and What you teach.
  • Any coaching plans or questions you have. Why you want to be a coach, etc.
  • One interesting thing the other participants wouldn't know about you unless you brought it up. Example: You traveled to _ (state, country, area) last year and loved it.

2. The second person you introduce yourself to will be the person you will introduce to the others: your interviewee. You may want to take notes about where and what your interviewee teaches, any coaching plans or questions the person has, and one interesting thing the interviewee tells you
3. Your interviewee, in turn, will be introducing you to the other participants, so be sure to tell the person where and what you teach, any coaching plans or questions you have, and one interesting thing about yourself.
4. At the signal from your facilitator, please return to your seat and compose an introduction to introduce your interviewee in a word doc. You will share this via the Meet and greet discussion forum in the discussion forum. Begin your post with -Meet "interviewees name". You may want to type your intro in a word doc first and copy it into the discussion forum.

What makes a colleague trustworthy? Brainstorm on wallwisher